14. Nov, 2017


John Bercow the Speaker of the Houses of Parliament has an Independent role or that is the remit of the position .His role is to maintain order and discipline in the House and with the Traditional Heritage of the position has to be shown the respect the position entails .So why has his apparent attempt of trying to defraud HMRC of £6,508 been ignored . John Wick an ex SAS officer initially blew the whistle on MP’s expenses but why have we never had an MP whistleblower .
Have Politicians an unwritten allegiance between themselves apart from the one they swear to the Queen .
Two peers who spent time behind bars for fiddling their expenses continue to claim the maximum parliamentary allowances permitted, the figures for June 2013 show. Expenses costs published on Wednesday showed Lord Taylor of Warwick claimed £3,900 for attending the Lords for 13 days and Lord Hanningfield claimed £4,800 for 16 days .
A prime example of a Gravy Train Politician was David Miliband he was Labour’s Foreign Secretary and got used to all the expensive trapping that go with that post so much so that when he lost the Labour Leadership to his brother he took 14 sponsored Foreign Trips costing £47,500 giving speeches and attending conferences .The jaunts took him away from constituency duties for 46 days and earned him £400,000 in addition to his MP’S salary .Can anyone not have their position compromised with rewards like that .

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