12. Nov, 2017


For the Poppy wearing, flag waving-lunatics should look a little closer to home, and discover that the all caps UNITED KINGDOM Ltd is a filthy dirty UNIDROIT slave ship for the dead all UPPERCASE ledgers, and the DOG TAG wearing DOG LATIN 'Sol diers'.

For the Mr, Mrs, Ms, and Miss are the lowest Military titles of the dead. And your all caps SURNAME/ crepath name indicates that you are a dead legal I'd iot, a banking/tomb stone ledger.

Wake up already, turn your TV off and discover who you are, where you are, and who or what owns and controls, everything you do.

Google the Glossa, Dog Latin, Unidroit and the Legal Name fraud. Realise that your BIRTH certificate bonded 'you' as a dead slave on their sinking DOG Latin CITIZENSHIP, your head is the capital for the Rotchilds Bank of England Ltd's so called national debt.

Other homeless ex-serviceman took the man, known only as George, to hospital but he passed away with them at his bedside