12. Nov, 2017


Watching the news it suddenly struck me why there is no “good feel factor” any more the News seems to be taken over by either Politics ,War ,Death and Destruction or the latest Price Hikes and Public Cuts certainly no good tidings .
Because of a lack of engagement in Politics are we the Pubic being coerced into interaction to maintain the justification of Politicians being ‘Democratically Elected ‘ .I do appreciate that Welfare Reforms and Benefit and Service Cuts have all played a major role in our voices being heard loud and clear but the Government have already put measures in place for unrest and most demonstrations go unreported as though all was “quiet on the Western front” .
We know whichever Party are addressing us that they are only spouting rhetoric written and paid for by someone else and that there has been an underlying Joint Agenda of all Governments over the last few decades for overall Reform so why do still we have a belief in Individual Parties .
Cameron ,Miliband ,Clegg ,Blair and many others all rub shoulders with each other out of the Public Glare and none of the Draconian Laws that have decimated us would have been possible if it were not for the opposition backing them .Take for example Cameron and war against Syria ,Labour voted against and it didn’t occur .
People either like Russell Brand or loathe him but he does have a point about not voting ,by voting we are condoning them .Whomever we vote for and whomever gets in we still have £11.3 Billion worth of more cuts to look forward to .If we believe Osborne the Economy has turned the corner but not for our benefit Austerity as it is now is here to stay .Nothing once in Place has ever been reversed Workfare ,no hours contracts ,benefit sanctions ,medical assessments ,insecure pensions ,social cleansing are and will become the ‘norm’ .If we vote Laour we stay in the EU if we vote conservative we have uncertainty whether we will .I think the British Public fate has already been decided its just we don’t know it has .

Just watched it, EU has 60,000 Police if UK couldnt cope we could ask for them to be sent in -dont…