12. Nov, 2017


It's not that long since James Dyson was spewing fanatically pro-EU fearmongering rubbish that there would be "nothing left to save" if Britain didn't join the Eurozone, and now he's excreting equally ridiculous anti-EU gibberish about how the UK needs to inflict the self-harm of a "no deal" Brexit in order to teach the Europeans a lesson.

The man is an absolute pillock who has performed a polar switch from rabidly pro-EU to rabidly anti-EU. It's extraordinary that anyone takes his political opinions seriously after such an extreme polar opinion shift, but unfortunately in Brexit Britain £billions in the bank and a propensity for spewing extremist rhetoric (no matter how nonsensical) count for much more than stuff like evidence, analysis, coherence and consistency.

The billionaire James Dyson has appeared on the BBC to explain that he thinks that Theresa May and the Tories are blameless for screwing...