12. Nov, 2017


Soon it will be only the EDL and Muslims left in Britain... "More than 100,000 Brits have already emigrated" "it felt like the country had returned to the Dark Ages of ignorance and hatred" "he was disturbed by rising reports of hate crime and had European friends" "despite missing his friends and the UK landscape, he has no regrets" " can never see myself returning to live in England now" "becoming far more racist, less tolerant and generally selfish" "England has become such an unfriendly place" "England is and will always be my home but I won’t miss anything" "I have watched in horror as the referendum unleashed ugly, ethnocentric forces in British society" "I want no part of any of that, and thus I sold my property in the UK and left" he is “seriously working on leaving the UK” with his wife and two children “It’s heartbreaking as we see generations of honest hard work, assimilation, integration, contribution and co-existence undermined,” “I no longer feel I can associate myself with the values of a country I honestly no longer recognise,” she added. “Clearly, I’m not alone in feeling like this.”

British citizens devastated by the EU referendum result are leaving the UK to seek a new life abroad as statistics reveal rising emigration. Following a report on the European citizens fleeing Britain in what is being dubbed a “Brexodus”, The Independent has been inundated with messages from Brits s...