11. Nov, 2017


The European culture and values has made us the most prosperous continent on Earth. However Europe is beginning to deteriorate as this values and culture are slowly vanishing away due to little amount of children European families have. An average European family has 1.6 children while an immigrant in Europe has over 3 children. We're currently being replaced, and we will soon be extinct. European governments need to provide EUROPEAN families with more aid so that families have more children in order for our population not to be replaced. If changes do not happen soon we will soon be extinct. This article from 2000 predicted this tragedy which is becoming a reality

It was news and no news; the most significant milestone in one of the most profound changes to affect the US in the past century, and yet a non-event. Last week the US Census Bureau issued figures showing that non-hispanic whites made up 49.8 per cent of the population of California.