11. Nov, 2017


The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading military charity and provides invaluable support for serving and former members of HM Forces and their families. It does not get involved in politics and bars its members from wearing or displaying any RBL regalia in association with political activity.

It is not "funded by arms manufacturers". RBL accepted a charitable donation from BAe Systems, who are the UK's largest defence contractor.
Much of what they produce is supplied to our own armed forces. BAe had no say whatsoever in how that money was spent so, there was no conflict of interest and it is utterly specious of Spiers to suggest that this amounts to sponsorship.

On the other hand, the white poppy is produced and sold by the "Peace Pledge Union" who make no effort whatsoever to point out to those buying them that they are NOT a charity and that NONE of the proceeds from the sales of white poppies go to charitable causes.
Instead the money is used to fund their left wing propaganda machine.

Look them up and take a look at their history. The PPU is a long established left-wing political group who supported Hitler's Nazi Party in the 1930s.

This Morning host, Holly Willoughby, hit out at a white poppy activist who slammed young children wanting to be soldiers in the future. Adam Spiers appeared on the ITV show to explain why he chooses to wear a white poppy instead of the British Legion's red offering. He said: "[The British Legion] ac...