10. Nov, 2017


I can't quite believe I'm reading these words from the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Somoene who is supposed to be impartial, admittedly a man, but with at least one rape incident reported and a number of sexual harrassment cases being investigated, perhaps the tip of the ice berg in terms of what has gone on in this institution over the decades and the harm it may have done to people; in this light I think in his role he would be very wise to keep his views on the matter and how big it is as an issue in ralation to the 'expenses scandal' to himself, as I feel it his complete lack of judgement and wisdom on this issue, particulalry as all parties in the House this week got together to try and come up with a strategy to deal with sexual harrassment in the Palace of Westminster.

Learning from past scandals will improve how we deal with the current situation, the Commons Speaker says.