10. Nov, 2017


Confirming that Hariris arrest never had anything to do with Iran and Hezbollah closes the possibility of war on Lebanon which would distract Hezbollah from supporting our syrian and Iraqi brothers and sisters against the Salafi terrorists.

quote -- (Hariri) was probably detained only after he was pressured to resign and “officially” become a private dual-Saudi citizen without any “diplomatic immunity” as a head of state. Hariri’s capture was central to Mohammed Bin Salman’s plans because it prevented Lebanon from becoming a base for any “fugitive” royals and their supporters who might have fled the Kingdom to regroup elsewhere in the region while plotting their revenge.--
So lebanon looks save, and the Hariri Saudi cancer in lebanon has been cut out but the Saudis their selves. Perhaps this whole incident is of great benefit to lebanon, and all the Saudi talk and threats where more for domestic consumption and for eliminating the change of saudi scum escaping to lebanon, but the israelis clearly didnt know what was happening, and tried to play along with the Saudi lies...

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman forced the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and subsequently detained him not just to destabilize Lebanon,…