9. Nov, 2017


Urgent objection to the Golders Green mosque application - Ref: 17/5846/S73

Dear Barnet council

I am writing to strongly oppose the Golders Green mosque application as per the link below. This email is in addition to my previous objection via your website, due to the comment section being turned off.


Please note that since I first objected, significant events have now taken place in the Middle East, that will drastically and seriously affect this mosque and the local Jewish (and non Jewish) community, if you grant the applicant's planning permission for conversion of the 39'942 square foot Hippodrome to a mosque.

As you may know, the Sunni muslims (Saudis) and the Shia muslims (Iranians) are fierce enemies, and have fought a long drawn out battle over centuries for supremacy. We are currently witnessing this being played out today, with the Western countries (including the UK) allying with the Saudis to oppose Iran and their allies.

Usually both main sects of islam oppose the Jews and the Christians (as instructed in the Quran). However, over recent decades, somehow Israel has negotiated a tentative peace (of sorts) with the Sunni ruled Saudis, over their mutual opposition of Iran and the Shias.

Registered terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah are both Shia militant groups. Hamas is located in Palestine and Hezbollah predominantly located in Lebanon and Jordan.

I'm sure that you know, Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory has been fast advancing in recent years, causing tensions to rise drastically in the area.

The controlling Palestinian Authority in Gaza and the West Bank is Sunni, and have allowed Hamas to tunnel under the Israeli defences, purely because they both oppose Israeli occupation. However, recently the leaders of Hamas have met in Tehran with the Iranians, and now the Palestinian Authority are concerned that there is a concerted effort being made to provide a Shia dominated "joint front" against Israel, as well as themselves.

Iraq and Syria have a significant number of Shia muslims (Bashar Al Assad is allied with Iran), and so too does Yemen situated on the southern border of Saudi Arabia. Whilst the Saudis continue to advance against the Houthi rebels (Shia) in Yemen, now that ISIS has been virtually defeated in Syria, it means the Shiites in Syria have grown bolder against Israel.

The Golan Heights is an area rich with oil, and is occupied by both Syria and Israel; and Israel wants the Syrian section back.

Al Qaida linked Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly the al-Nusra Front) are surrounding a Jewish community in the Syrian section of the Golan Heights, and Israel is threatening to take military action to protect their people in Syria.


If the Israelis advance into Syria, it will officially draw Assad's troops into the fight against Israel.

As Israel continues to claw back and regain land which it considers theirs from the Palestinians and Syrians, tensions have been growing in the Middle East now for some time.

In the past week the Lebanese Prime Minister (Sunni) has resigned whilst on a trip to Saudi Arabia, and Hezbollah is now moving to seize full control of Lebanon, which borders the opposite side of Israel.

Iran has been arming both Hamas and Hezbollah, and now that the Sunni Prime Minister has stepped back, the Shia militants are maneuvering together and gearing up to attack Israel.



If this happens, tensions between Jews and Shia muslims will grow to boiling point extremely rapidly in the Middle East, and their communities around the world will be affected by the clashes and possible war as well.

Israel will literally be surrounded on all sides by Shia muslims allied with Iran, which thanks to the Obama administration, is growing its nuclear weapons capabilities.

If Barnet council grants planning permission for the Golders Green mosque, which will have the capacity for up to 2000 praying Shia muslims, potentially wanting to retaliate against the Jews, the Jewish community will be at serious risk of injury or even worse.

Jihad is the islamic "struggle" that every muslim experiences serving Allah. Muslims believe that Shari'a Law is "Allah's Law", and therefore Allah's Law must be spread throughout the world. Anyone who stops this from happening, or disbelieves, should be violently opposed according to the Quran.

No matter what your personal views are on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the creation of the state of Israel, following the Balfour Declaration 100 years ago, the fact is that there is a very serious conflict of ideological views taking place in the Middle East, and these issues will affect the Shia, Sunni and Jewish communities. Especially if full blown war breaks out on the Israeli borders again.

I understand that the applicant of the Golders Green mosque application is a Shia related organisation.

Please think extremely carefully about granting this planning permission.

Yes, there are valid supporting views and objections. But there are much, much larger implications than just parking disputes, conjested roadways, and loud noise in the early mornings when muslims arrive to pray, etc.

If Barnet council grants this mosque application, knowing the above information about the growing conflict that is potentially breaking out between the Shia muslims and the Jews in the Middle East right now, Barnet council will be directly responsible for any harm that comes from hundreds of Shia muslims being allowed to worship in the Jewish heartland of Golders Green, and consequently any retaliation taken on either side.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said whilst in London on Saturday for the Balfour Declaration celebrations, "This is a wake-up call for the international community to act against Iranian aggression".


The Shia dominated mosque, in the heart of the Jewish community in NW London, is a very strategic move to cause civil unrest within Golders Green on behalf of the applicant. They will be completely aware of the geopolitical chess pieces being moved. Dispite the platitudes the applicant may give, any breakout of conflict in the Middle East between the two sides will transform peaceful sentiments and words in an instant.

I therefore sincerely urge Barnet council not to grant the applicant planning permission for the Golders Green mosque. If you do, you might just as well pour petrol around the Golders Green community and light the match yourselves.

The ideological and religious war is playing out in the Middle East, as the players dance around each other before advancing forward. Please don't be responsible for allowing that conflict to escalate and spill over directly onto the streets of North West London.

Yours Sincerely

A concerned and informed resident of London