15. Sep, 2017


"Quite why he (Dennis Skinner) and a number of other Labour rebels chose to do this (vote with the Tories on the EU Withdrawal Bill) is tied up with the perception of this vote as a totem of their support of Brexit, but that’s just plain wrong. The name of the bill may include the words ‘EU’ and ‘Withdrawal’ but it was not about IF we leave the EU, it was about the internal technicalities and processes of HOW we leave.

We all need to wake up to this travesty and stop allowing politicians to use the divisions created by the referendum to engineer a one party authoritarian state. This is no longer about Europe, it’s about the Conservatives looking to bypass due process and establish an inviolate beachhead in Westminster in the face of mounting opposition to their rule.

At the risk of infringing Godwin’s Law I’m reminded of the Enabling Act a 1933 Weimar Constitution amendment that gave the German Cabinet the power to enact laws without the involvement of the Reichstag. It too was justified with the same nationalistic calls for independence from external ruling powers and fears over incomers. The parallels may be jarring, but nonetheless apt.

As we’ve seen throughout history, dictatorships generally don’t announce their arrival with fanfares or parades, they’re insinuated on a population incrementally by leaders who convince us that every step is essential to effective governance and in the the best interests of all."