13. Aug, 2017


The Labour Party has some of the best and the worst people in British politics with Sarah Champion MP cynically exploiting child safety concerns to launch an attack on all the Pakistani British regarless of whether or not they have the negative attitudes and values that were a factor in the grooming gangs crime wave. Leading police officers and Amber Rudd have quite rightly been very uncompromising about those values and attitudes without tarring a whole ethnic community with that brush but Sarah Champion has done just that twice! on LBC and later in an article in the Sun. Needless to say her bigotry has widespread popular support because of the successful demonisation of Muslim communities in the UK and the Labour leadership has not disciplined Sarah Champion in any way or form leaving the job of challenging Sarah Champion to Naz Shah MP.

Progressive British Pakistanis must be deeply hurt by her remarks that are being well recieved by the far right haters on social media and Sarah Champion has made political capital for herself by using unprincipled, opportunistic, manipulative and irresponsible politics.

A Labour MP has launched a fierce attack on a colleague’s claim that most men grooming children for sexual abuse are Pakistanis, branding her “irresponsible”. Naz…