13. Aug, 2017


We give them a fancy title nearly £142,000 salary and inform them that their remit is to lie as best they can,but that quality is never in question because even a basic Politician has the inbuilt mechanism to lie through their teeth.In their language the Bedroom Tax is the Under Occupancy Charge,but we tend to adhere nearer the truth.We the Public Employ a Prime Liar and Backup’s which are Ministerial Liar’s followed by the Liar MP’s forced to by the Whips.Why are we in the EU because Heath lied to Parliament.Why was Lord Taylor Jailed because he lied to a Parliamentary committee over his expenses.Why is Nicholson still in charge of the NHS when he is disgraced because he is still overseeing the Tories Dirty Work carried out.Not only are the Tories still the nasty Party but also full of Deceit & Lies.It’s time we were rid of this Evil. http://brokenbritishpolitics.simplesite.com