13. Aug, 2017


Follow this up if you wish. If not, ignore.

The study was carried out by an eminent, experienced, highly qualified cardiologist practising in Arizona...Dr Jack Wolfson. He is being "investigated" for his views but then...that is exactly my point!

All I would add to disbelievers is that I have been aware of Iatrogenics since my early twenties and that was a long time ago! It wasn't called that then but is now recognised as the third biggest killer of people in the US, the UK and the so called developed world, after heart disease and cancer.

Without any arrogance whatsoever, I listened, observed, researched and kept an open mind on the subject So, new findings are always of interest to me.

I have not been banned by Facebook for my posts...yet, if I am, it will only suffice to endorse my views on this topic!

A new FDA-approved Hepatitis B vaccine has been found to increase the risk of heart attacks by 700%, yet Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter ban any talk of vaccine…