11. Aug, 2017


Cameron Clegg & Company ought to be put in the hands of the receiver or realise no one is working with them and resign now the Country has hit rock bottom.Foreign Aid is going to al-Qaeda so the very Terrorists we are warned about are being paid by the same incompetent people.Cable ought to blow a fuse after stating RBS will be kept in the public sector for another 5 years until we have redressed its Deficit,we on the breadline are supporting a Lame Duck until it is in better shape for shareholders to benefit.Let it go to the wall ,depositors will still get paid out.That’s the same Cable that made it easier to be sacked without redress.Tesco has turned itself into a work crusade for immigrants on lower pay,excluding British workers .Why do we pay Politicians when Britain is run by Corporations.We are similar to the Mayan calendar going round in circles.BS Britain Fails again.

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