11. Aug, 2017


Can we just all remember that white British paedophiles have been exploiting Asian children abroad for decades:

"More than 70 registered sex offenders from the UK have been refused entry to countries in South East Asia in the last two years.

The major campaign by the National Crime Agency (NCA) aims to stop known paedophiles abusing vulnerable children in a region long perceived as a destination of choice for sexual predators.

Speaking exclusively to Sky News, the NCA said 34 registered British sex offenders have been refused access to the Philippines since their intelligence-sharing initiative was launched in 2015.

A further 18 were refused entry to Thailand, another 18 to Cambodia and two people to India, the most recent country to join the scheme."

I do not say this because I want to excuse those Asians grooming girls in the UK, however, let's get this right.

Rapists and paedophiles choose any victim that they think they can get away with abusing. It is a twisted male drive first and foremost and no doubt these Asians think that they would get caught and judged by their own community and justify it to themselves by casting the victim as "the other ", not important.

But these mostly white British perpetrators are doing the exact same thing in many Asian countries.

It has to stop. We need to get this right .

A National Crime Agency intelligence-sharing scheme is allowing countries in the region to block access for known criminals.