10. Aug, 2017


If ever you need proof that the Tories default position on just about anything they are questioned on is to lie through their teeth, their position on the NHS is it.

Since 2010 the Tories have deliberately, with malice aforethought, sought to underfund, demoralise and ruin a once world beating service.

And the news that the numbers of people waiting for an operation have almost doubled to over 4 million since 2010 is just the latest indication that their plans are succeeding.

Yet the Tories won't admit there's a problem..when pressed you get the same burbles from them about 'record funding levels' and 'more doctors and nurses than ever before' - weasely words given the obvious strain the service is facing and why!

Theresa May even said she was "proud" of the Tories record on the NHS back in April...a statement of such gobsmacking chutzpah it takes the breath away still.

Proud of what exactly Theresa? - We can only assume you mean proud that your plan to destroy this jewel in our Nations crown is working.

'Lower than vermin' as the great Aneurin Bevan once succinctly described the Tories...




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