9. Aug, 2017


Why is it that Jeremy Corbyn has to condemn everything bad in the world (like the absolute mess in Venezuela) or face a furious media backlash, but Theresa May can do dodgy deals to bribe the terrorist-backed DUP into propping up her government, sell weapons to the Saudi head-choppers to commit their war crimes in Yemen with, suck up to the brutal Turkish tyrant Erdogan as he goes around crushing dissent and jailing journalists, send her international trade minister to tell the thug Duterte how much Britain has in common with his barbaric regime in the Philippines, and that's all perfectly OK?

It's not just that the mainstream media have such absurd double standards, it's that they're so damned obvious about it.

That they imagine that we're so intensely thick and gullible we won't see what they're doing just goes to show how much utter contempt a lot of these elitist mainstream media journalist types have for ordinary people.