7. Aug, 2017


Haringey Council decides to hand over £2bn public assets with no democratic mandate and without consulting all of us.

None of us were told at the 2014 election about the council handing over £2bn public assets to the Haringey Development Vehicle and a private developer called Lend lease, or about the demoltion of council estates, Hornsey Town Hall, a Nursing Hole and Play centres.

The Supreme Court decided that these basic requirements are essential if a consultation process is to have a sensible content.

*First, that consultation must be at a time when proposals are still at a formative stage.*
*Second, that the proposer must give sufficient reasons for any proposal to
permit of intelligent consideration and response. *
*Third,… that adequate time must be given for consideration and response
and, finally, *
*fourth, that the product of consultation must be conscientiously taken
into account in finalising any statutory proposals.”

Haringey Council has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the formative stages of the Haringey Development Vehicle in 2016/17 with no democratic mandate to do it and no consultation with all of us about parting with such a huge amount of public assets or about any alternatives.

I am suggesting that such expenditure in the 2016/17 accounts is unlawful. I have asked the external auditor to write a report in the public interest or to apply to the court for a declaration that it is unlawful


A plan to sell off millions of pounds worth of public assets has hit another hurdle.