17. Jul, 2017


Wealthy people hold on to their wealth to enable them to hold onto their class status in life .The Majority of Tories are Wealthy those that aren’t think above their station .The class divide grows wider everytime we get the Nasty Tory Party in but they forget it’s Our Money they are handling.
They commit gross misappropriation on a daily basis of The Public’s Money to enhance their own greedy class system .Most NHS Trusts are run by Tories,so what chance do we have.Blair and Mandleson hijacked the Labour Party ,look at Blair’s amassed Fortune living on the back of being the PM.Welfare Reform,Benefit Sanctions,Bedroom Tax,cutting all Public Services are not solely concerning Austerity but to make us realize our station in life .Without us there would be no Wealth.
They sleep at night because they sincerely believe that are better people than any of the Working class it’s time things changed .http://brokenbritishpolitics.simplesite.com

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