17. Jul, 2017


When you hear a man who earns about 5 times the national average and is reported to be worth over £8m telling other public sector workers they get paid too much you have to ask the question, is this man acting in everyone's best interests? Philip Hammond (who earns £74,000 as an MP and £67,505 as Chancellor) was also involved in a scandal in 2012 where he avoided thousand of pounds in tax after transferring his share of a £600,000 buy-to-let property to his wife. To now hear him criticising other public sector workers about costing the tax payer too much money when he is clearly another self interested career politician intent on riding the gravy train is nothing short of outright brazen hypocrisy.

If one and a half billion pounds can be found to buy votes from ten Irish ultra-right wing creationist DUP MPs in order to prop up the failing Tory government then of course there should be money for nurses, firefighters, teachers and other professions in England, Wales and Scotland.

This is just another in a long line of examples where the Conservatives act in their party's own self interest rather than for the benefit of everyone. The end result is a demoralised workforce trying to make ends meet and less effective health care, fire safety, education and national security.

When they won the vote in parliament to freeze public sector pay the Tories cheered. If this doesn't speak volumes about their real intentions then we don't know what does...






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