14. Jul, 2017



Whilst Theresa May defends the enormous Foreign Aid budget, greedy Whitehall Mandarins join in the fleecing of the British taxpayer by giving themselves bonuses of £800,000.

What are the bonuses for? For paying out £13 billion in foreign aid. Whilst the armed forces, (and servicemen could die because of money shortages) NHS, housing, state pensions, and so many other government services go short of money. they spend it on gymnasiums in Africa.

Who are these people ? According to new figures 21 of the top civil servants in the Department for International Development (Dfid) were given up to £10,000 totaling £175,000. And another £616,000 was divided between 514 more junior members of staff.

It is one of the current biggest financial stinks in U.K. government. The waste of the Foreign Aid budget itself and contempt for the taxpayer is unbelievable.

This Dept for International Development (Dfid) should be wound up. The Foreign Office can do what they do anyway.

WHITEHALL mandarins were handed almost £800,000 in bonuses for dolling out £13 billion of taxpayers’ money in “overseas aid”.