13. Jul, 2017


King Felipe of Spain believes an acceptable agreement can be made between Spain and the United Kingdom over Gibralter.

Anyone who has ever been to "Gib" will know that it is far more like Britain than Britain.

Actually, Felipe old lad, we have an acceptable agreement thank you. Let me explain it to you.

The PEOPLE who ACTUALLY LIVE in GIBRALTER, have voted in referenda TWICE, OVERWHELMINGLY, to remain with the United Kingdom.

Can anyone please explain to me why we have referenda, if the people who lose the vote, or have vested interests in not accepting the vote, think they can overturn the democratic will of the people?

One of the reasons why countries like Spain and Argentina rattle their sabres from time to time is, quite simply, to attempt to divert attention from their troubles at home. In Spain's case no government to speak of for quite some time; austerity like we can only imagine in our worst nightmares and despite all its resources, Spain is still a poor country, youth unemployment off the scale and in spite of gazillions poured into Spain from the EU, much of it has been wasted on motorways leading to nowhere, vast hydro electric plants not working...and on and on.

My family and I having lived in Spain, so I have seen it the wastage with my own eyes...let nobody trouble to wonder why I voted to leave the EU!!

Well sorry "your maj", you have been rumbled.

That is THE END.

Gibraltar has criticised the king of Spain for saying the governments of his country and Britain will find a solution on the Rock's future that is "acceptable to all involved". King…