12. Jul, 2017


This is about the sinister (and rapid) rise of the death threat, the anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia and racism – and inevitably whether political parties or groups are quietly fanning the flames. And I ask whether the silence of political leaders when it comes to condemning acts of criminality in their name is the same has ‘giving permission’ to let rip.

It’s about broken windows, swastikas on election boards, scratched cars, online abuse and the targeting of connected families, staff and supporters - all apparently perfectly acceptable in today’s age of ‘kinder politics’.

But before you think this is just another whinge-fest for MP’s who should grow a thicker skin, it isn’t. This is about elderly people unable to demonstrate support for the candidate of their choice for fear of damaged property. Retailers and hoteliers who can no longer endorse a candidate in case it triggers a campaign of abuse on review sites and it’s about the children of candidates confused and scared by threats to their mothers and fathers.......

This is no longer about winning arguments or votes, but about driving political opponents off the map altogether, says Simon Hart MP.