10. Jul, 2017


In the mind of privileged elitists like the failed Lib-Dem politician Annabel Mullin, the real victims of the sexist political system are not the ordinary women who have suffered 86% of the burden of austerity; it's not the ordinary women who suffered the appalling consequences of Thatcherism; it's not the 1950s WASPI women who have had years worth of their pensions snatched away by a callous and uncaring political elite; it's not the women from working class backgrounds who find themselves locked out of the political system, and then cruelly ridiculed as "thick" for their regional accents if they somehow defy the odds and make it.

No, the real victim of political sexism in the minds of people like Annabel Mullin is a stone effigy of Thatcher!

Sometimes you see an article that is so excruciatingly bad it makes you wonder how the hell it got written, let alone published. In thi...