19. Jun, 2017


The government has cancelled next year's Queen's Speech. Some naive people will think "good, it's just a bit of ceremony we don't need".
Wrong. The Queens Speech is where the government presents its whole plan to parliament for comment and debate.
The Queen's Speech debate is where Theresa May's alliance with ultra-religious DUP could be challenged in Parliament. It is where their back-room approach to Brexit could be challenged. It is where the Tory "perpetualTory budget cuts" philosophy can be challenged and shown as the real cause behind the carnage Grenfell Tower.
Theresa May's government is afraid of those challenges, so they are just skipping that phase, preventing democratic debate of their plan.
This is a dangerous step toward governing WITHOUT democracy.
Please share this as a matter of concern. This is not just the removal of a tradition - it is damage to our democracy.
UPDATE: This is the 2018 Queen's Speech and debate that is being cancelled, not the 2017 speech - they are apparently intending to commit this violation of democracy "only once" instead of twice. Some people claim this makes it "OK" - I strongly disagree.

The government says the unusual move will give MPs more time for the "substantial" Brexit legislation.
bbc.co.uk|By BBC News