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23. Feb, 2017

Well, for starters, this Woman, and we use that title lightly, doesn't care about Human Rights in this country. Indeed, she's proved that time and time again by way of her disdain and treatment of our most vulnerable and sick and disabled citizens.
Then again, it's the European Court of Human Rights that are currently investigating the Tories over 'Gross Violation' of those Human Rights, so that may well have something to do with why May wants to get away from it.
As far as the rest of us are concerned though, this, just like everything else the bastard Tories have thrust upon us, will be an utter disaster that will relegate the UK to the same status as Belarus, the last One remaining 'Dictatorship' in Europe, soon to be joined by a 2nd it would seem.
As we have said before though, with the Tories currently in breach of 13 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and hitting 13 of the 14 Defining Characteristics of an Emerging Fascist State, who here is surprised that the Tories want to make it official?

Top lawyers and legal experts have warned that Brexit could trigger a human rights crisis in the UK, with the Prime Minister “trading away protections against torture for grubby trade deals”.
23. Feb, 2017

'This really is nonsense.' BBC Newsnight

He claimed there are 'no working class people as MPs any more'.|By Sarah Ann Harris
23. Feb, 2017
Muslim migrants from Germany come to swimming pools to sexually exploit young girls as there’s limited other ways for them to access the sharia law style rape gangs.
23. Feb, 2017

Absolute chaos across Britain today - have you been affected?

23. Feb, 2017

Bloody hell I just got used to my five a day -- and now they tell me I should have 10 a day !

Scientists say even just 2.5 daily portions can lower chance of heart disease, stroke, cancer and premature death