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26. Nov, 2015

"You can't win by just going on about the people at the bottom of society"

From attacks in the British tabloids over his bow at the cenotaph and criticisms for not singing the national anthem, Jeremy Corbyn has been facing an upwards
26. Nov, 2015
“I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half” —Jay Gould Metanoia Films has released a new documentary, Plutocracy: Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule). It’s the first entry..
26. Nov, 2015

David Cameron's latest headache explained...

The latest statistics showing a record level of net immigration to Britain reveal the "idiocy" of David Cameron's target to drastically bring it down, and merely…
26. Nov, 2015

What do people think of this article?

I looked the author up, he seems legit. A few of the sources seem a little sketchy, but most of the ones I checked seemed pretty robust and reliable.

If even half of the allegations against Turkey in this article are true then any government that is genuinely opposed to ISIS should surely be considering sanctions against Turkey unless they stop allowing ISIS militants easy passage into Syria, stop supporting ISIS by attacking the Kurds, crack down on the black market oil trade with ISIS, etc.

The real frontline confronting ISIS is not US or French bombers (the latter currently targeting Raqqa, a city with 140,000 civilians, who are virtual prisoners of ISIS)…
26. Nov, 2015

Murdoch will be livid...

The Times has embarrassed its News UK stablemate by issuing a correction for a "misleading" article it published about whether British Muslims had sympathy…