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18. Jan, 2017

He now has a criminal record because he taught at her school. She was 17 and pursued him. Did he deserve to be prosecuted?

Although the sexual relationship between the divorced father and girl was consensual it was illegal because he was a teacher at her school|By Jaya Narain
18. Jan, 2017…/dwp-slammed-for-shambolic-un…

DWP slammed for “shambolic” Universal Credit roll-out

MP demands figures on how many people are being put on Universal Credit in error
18. Jan, 2017

Bishop of Pompii has made surprising claim that whole of Italy might convert to Islam if many of Italians don't stop their atheist way of life. In Pakistan we have seen Atheists being hunted down but this Bishop has found another way to jolt Christians to wake up and come to churches. I dont think his trick will work on Italians. Religious morons are found everywhere however Muslim extremists resort to violence which is counter productive and create hatered towards Muslims.

18. Jan, 2017

Now that really WAS grooming !! AND incest !!

Justine spent 15 years in prison for her crimes but her daughter wants closure|By Claire Rutter
18. Jan, 2017

Just been on BBC the troops are now moving towards Gambia... Stupid British tourists say its a flash in the pan and will be over in 24 hrs and they do not need to return home. The first thing that will happen is the airport closed... idiots!!

West African countries have nominated Senegal to lead a military intervention in Gambia if President Jammeh does not step down. Jammeh refused to accept…|By Deutsche Welle (