benefit-sanctions-petitionThe petition calling for all benefit sanctions to be scrapped without exceptions hit 10,000 signatures over the weekend rounding off a hugely successful week of action against workfare and sanctions.

Protests have taken place both on and offline across the UK during the week in which George Osborne announced a massive extension of workfare for the young.

Yesterday 40 people from Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty, the Black Triangle Campaign and the IWW blockaded a Salvation Army charity shop for two hours making good the promise to workfare exploiters that if you exploit us, we will shut you down.

Today mass workfare exploiters Marks and Spencer were targeted in London, with pickets outside their stores in both Wood Green and Islington.  Protests against workfare, sanctions and Universal Credit have also been held in Wrexham, Cardiff, Hammersmith, Lewisham, Glasgow, Sheffield, Reading and even a solidarity action in Germany.

Earlier in the week a noisy protest ruined the workfare exploiter's lunch  at the welfare-to-work industries national conference at Senate House in central London - where campaigners were joined by students who are currently involved in a fierce campaign themselves against their university's exploitation of outsourced staff.

Action also took place online as people took to social networking to vent their disgust at the wide range of forced labour schemes - some of which are run by well known charities like @groundworkuk and @TCVTweets.  As the pic below shows, the week has seen ever more creative ways devised for those who wish to show their disgust at forced, unpaid work.

salvation-army-mailoutThe fight against workfare and benefit sanctions is far from over and a national gathering to discuss taking further action against welfare reforms and cuts is planned for February next year.

In the meantime please continue sharing, signing and tweeting the petition against sanctions  and show that there are many people in the UK who oppose poverty being used as a weapon in any circumstances.

Please feel free to post links to any reports of protests and actions against workfare in the comments.

For the latest news on the fight to end workfare visit Boycott Workfare's website, join the facebook page and follow them on twitter @boycottworkfare

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