29. Oct, 2013
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Mythbuster: Health warning

By repackaging privatisation as ‘reform’, the government has tried to sell voters the idea of dismantling the health service. Jacky Davis exposes the main marketing myths behind the NHS giveaway

Back to class: free schools and academies mythbuster
Red Pepper looks at the myths surrounding academies and free schools

Co-op Bank: the David that wanted to be a Goliath
The Co-operative Bank’s sudden financial crisis triggers memories of 2008. Daniel Tischer says a hunger for reckless growth was the Co-op’s tragic flaw

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Classic book: Bolo’Bolo
Gareth Brown looks at Bolo’Bolo, a proposal for collective living

Saving the estate
Residents have fought off University College London’s plans to ‘redevelop’ the Carpenters Estate, reports Kevin Blowe

Open source energy
Open source technology could play an important role in the shift towards energy democracy. Some pioneers are already leading the way, reports Kim Bryan