PM's small business agenda ignores EU reality says Nigel

The Prime Minister's pledge to the Federation of Small Businesses to cut red tape completely ignores the amount of regulation coming from Brussels....
MPs have voted to reject a bid by nearly 100 rebel Tory MPs to stop foreign criminals using European human rights law to avoid deportation..

Only a matter of months ago the mere mention of controlling immigration would have been met with accusations of xenophobia and racism.... 
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Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin has exercised a veto on publication of a report pertaining to HS2....Read more
The European Union is secretly developing a "remote stopping" device to be fitted to all cars that would allow the police to disable vehicles at the flick of a switch from a control room. ...Read more




Unlike the other Parties UKIP is more in tune with the what the Public want .Compared to the other Parties their misdemeanours are insignificant .Have they Decimated British Society caused Poverty and Discriminated against the most Vulnerable .Engaged in a Programme of Social Cleansing ,failed the British Public on all fronts .The Tory Smear Campaign has started early before the Election ,.must mean they take UKIP Seriously .

We want out the EU and Immigration curbed – UKIP will Deliver .

John Bickley
Local businessman John Bickley has been chosen to represent the party..... Read more
When the history is written years from now of how Britain won back its sovereignty I predict that two names will be up at the top of the billing...  

My visit to Margate on Monday didn't quite go as planned, thanks to certain Left wing groups and ultra animal rights protestors... 
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Opposition to the government's high-speed railway project has been quashed for the last time as an appeal was today unanimously rejected in the Supreme Court....Read more
EU rules affecting apples are just as barmy as earlier nonsense about bent bananas and curved cucumbers, says Paul Nuttall. ...Read more



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In his latest speech Nigel Farage says that this year's Euro Elections 2014 will be a battle of National Democracy vs EU State Bureaucracy.... Read more
UKIP's Head of Policy Tim Aker again has called for GP surgeries to open at least one evening a week, where there is demand... 

Nigel's first speech of 2014 in what the European Parliament jokingly call a "debate" was to the Greek Prime Minister Mr Samaras on Wednesday... 
HS2 risks controversy by hiring a Network Rail executive on £750,000 a year to help run the project....Read more
EU rules affecting apples are just as barmy as earlier nonsense about bent bananas and curved cucumbers, says Paul Nuttall. ...Read more


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The ridiculous situation Britain is now in with
regards to immigration has gone far enough.
More than 600,000 unemployed EU migrants are
living in the UK. They require the government to
step in and plug the gap in order for them to live. 


A chill is definitely in the air and just in time for the onset of winter we are told that energy
prices will be rising. The UK was only country
to sign up to the commitment of 80%
reductions by 2030 proposed by the EU,
lumbering British homeowners and businesses with the knock-on costs, and holding back our energy programme by a decade. 


Human rights laws and health and safety
regulations could hamper British military
operations in the field, according to experts. 
The Ministry of Defence faced 5,827 claims for damages between 2012 and 2014, leading to
£36 million in lawyers fees, a report stated.  

Regular blackouts and power cuts are less 

than five years away as the electricity network becomes stretched to breaking point. Dr John Roberts, chairman of the report's working
group, said power plants are closing due to
European rules on carbon emissions. He
warned that a cut in the amount of electricity
generated will "jeopardise the country's power supply".

Following Cameron's agreement to the EU's
request for another
€4 billion... 
Nigel Farage said: "So much
for Cameron reducing UK
contribution to the EU! He
simply complies again." 
Millions of Albanians are one step closer to getting the right to come and work in Britain. 
And there are another 
240 that are not far
UKIP are delighted by this
result but warn that it
is only a temporary stay of

Latest by-election results 


It is easy to mock Ukip as a bunch of fruitcakes and racists, but fair play to them: they’ve done a far better job at tapping into a pandemic contempt for Britain’s crisis-ridden order. The unemployed; disabled benefit claimants; immigrants; public sector workers: all have come under far more sustained attack than those who plunged this country – and much of the world – into disaster. We’ve burned your house down, say the Tories: so it’s only fair we burn down your less deserving neighbour’s house, too. As for the Labour leadership’s confident, coherent alternative to Tory austerity – well, I’ll let you finish laughing before you read on.

And yet having spent the last two years zig-zagging across Britain, I know there’s no shortage of anger and fear out there. Anger, from the kids at a Sheffield sixth-form who simply could not understand why their futures were down-payments for a crisis they had nothing to do with. Fear, from the young woman with a little daughter in Hackney driven from her home by benefit cuts, forced to bring her up in sheltered accommodation. But there’s one thing missing – and this isn’t a throwaway platitude – and that’s hope.


Merge income tax and national insurance into a flat 31% for all starting at £11,500. Scrap employers' NI with revenue recouped from corporation tax, VAT or reduced welfare.

• Cut state spending to 1997 levels with loss of two million public sector jobs, replaced by one million new manufacturing jobs and at least another million created because of Ukip's lower tax environment.

• Council tax cut paid for by axeing landfill tax and cull of town hall "non jobs". The defence equipment budget will be doubled to £8bn, £3.5bn will be spent on nuclear power plants to provide 50% of energy, and more prisons will be built.


• Five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement followed by 50,000 annual cap.

• Work permits to be time-limited and overstaying made a crime. No amnesty for illegal immigrants: all returned to home country.

• Minimum five-year wait for British citizenship with no rights to benefits and all asylum seekers to be held in secure units.

• End active promotion of the doctrine of multiculturalism.


• Life sentences mean life.

• Deport dangerous imams, terror suspects and wanted criminals more easily by scrapping the Human Rights Act.

• Double prison places and create "boot camps" for young offenders.

• Scrap the "politically correct" Crown Prosecution Service and return to local police prosecutions.


• Increase spending by 40%, double the size of the Territorial Army and increase total armed forces numbers by 25%.

• Buy three new aircraft carriers and 50 more Lightning fighter jets.

• Arm four new submarines with US nuclear missiles.


Franchise out key services including hospitals and GP surgeries to companies and charities.

• Create voucher system to allow people to opt out of NHS system entirely.

• Matrons to run hospitals, not non-clinically trained managers.

• Free eye tests and dental checks.

• Smoking rooms in pubs.


Non means-tested "basic cash benefit" for low earners and unemployed. Jobseekers allowance and incapacity benefit is scrapped.

• Child benefit for the first three children only.

• No benefits for anyone who has not lived in the UK for five years.


Support coal-fired power and oppose wind farms.

• Stop funding UN's climate change panel.

• Ban schools from showing Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth.

• Incentivise the production of electric cars.

• Build 200mph rail lines from London to Newcastle and Exeter.