14. Dec, 2013

Part 1 Universal credit

    CHAPTER 1 Entitlement and awards


            1.Universal credit




            4.Basic conditions

            5.Financial conditions

            6.Restrictions on entitlement


            7.Basis of awards

            8.Calculation of awards

        Elements of an award

            9.Standard allowance

            10.Responsibility for children and young persons

            11.Housing costs

            12.Other particular needs or circumstances

    CHAPTER 2 Claimant responsibilities


            13.Work-related requirements: introductory

            14.Claimant commitment

        Work-related requirements

            15.Work-focused interview requirement

            16.Work preparation requirement

            17.Work search requirement

            18.Work availability requirement

        Application of work-related requirements

            19.Claimants subject to no work-related requirements

            20.Claimants subject to work-focused interview requirement only

            21.Claimants subject to work preparation requirement

            22.Claimants subject to all work-related requirements

        Work-related requirements: supplementary

            23.Connected requirements

            24.Imposition of requirements

            25.Compliance with requirements

        Reduction of benefit

            26.Higher-level sanctions

            27.Other sanctions

            28.Hardship payments


            29.Delegation and contracting out

    CHAPTER 3 Supplementary and general

        Supplementary and consequential

            30.Supplementary regulation-making powers

            31.Supplementary and consequential amendments

            32.Power to make supplementary and consequential provision etc

        Universal credit and other benefits

            33.Abolition of benefits

            34.Universal credit and state pension credit

            35.Universal credit and working-age benefits

            36.Migration to universal credit


            37.Capability for work or work-related activity



            40.Interpretation of Part 1


            41.Pilot schemes

            42.Regulations: general

            43.Regulations: procedure

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Part 2 Working-age benefits

    CHAPTER 1 Jobseeker’s allowance

        Claimant responsibilities for interim period

            44.Claimant commitment for jobseeker’s allowance



            47.Procedure for regulation-making powers

            48.Consequential amendments

        Claimant responsibilities after introduction of universal credit

            49.Claimant responsibilities for jobseeker’s allowance

    CHAPTER 2 Employment and support allowance

        Conditions of entitlement

            50.Dual entitlement

            51.Period of entitlement to contributory allowance

            52.Further entitlement after time-limiting

            53.Condition relating to youth

        Claimant responsibilities for interim period

            54.Claimant commitment for employment and support allowance

            55.Work experience etc

            56.Hardship payments

        Claimant responsibilities after introduction of universal credit

            57.Claimant responsibilities for employment and support allowance

    CHAPTER 3 Income support

        58.Entitlement of lone parents to income support etc

        59.Claimant commitment for income support

    CHAPTER 4 Miscellaneous

        Claimants dependent on drugs etc

            60.Claimants dependent on drugs etc

        Entitlement to work

            61.Entitlement to work: jobseeker’s allowance

            62.Entitlement to work: employment and support allowance

            63.Entitlement to work: maternity allowance and statutory payments

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Part 3 Other benefit changes

    Industrial injuries benefit

        64.Injuries arising before 5 July 1948

        65.Persons under 18


        67.Restriction on new claims for industrial death benefit


    Housing benefit

        69.Housing benefit: determination of appropriate maximum

    Social fund

        70.Ending of discretionary payments

        71.Purposes of discretionary payments

        72.Determination of amount or value of budgeting loan

        73.External provider social loans and community care grants

    State pension credit

        74.State pension credit: carers

        75.State pension credit: capital limit

    Working tax credit

        76.Calculation of working tax credit

Collapse -

Part 4 Personal independence payment

    Personal independence payment

        77.Personal independence payment

        78.Daily living component

        79.Mobility component

        80.Ability to carry out daily living activities or mobility activities

        81.Required period condition: further provision

    Entitlement and payability: further provision

        82.Terminal illness

        83.Persons of pensionable age

        84.No entitlement to daily living component where UK is not competent state

        85.Care home residents

        86.Hospital in-patients

        87.Prisoners and detainees


        88.Claims, awards and information

        89.Report to Parliament


        90.Abolition of disability living allowance


        92.Power to make supplementary and consequential provision



        95.Interpretation of Part 4

Collapse -

Part 5 Social security: general

    Benefit cap

        96.Benefit cap

        97.Benefit cap: supplementary

    Claims and awards

        98.Claims and awards

        99.Powers to require information relating to claims and awards


        100.Payments to joint claimants

        101.Payments on account


        102.Power to require consideration of revision before appeal

        103.Supersession of decisions of former appellate bodies

    Electronic communications

        104.Electronic communications

    Recovery of benefits

        105.Recovery of benefit payments

        106.Deduction from earnings: other cases

        107.Recovery of child benefit and guardian’s allowance

        108.Application of Limitation Act 1980

    Recovery of fines from benefit

        109.Recovery of fines etc by deductions from employment and support allowance

    Investigation and prosecution of offences

        110.Powers to require information relating to investigations

        111.Time limits for legal proceedings

        112.Prosecution powers of local authorities

    Penalties as alternative to prosecution

        113.Penalty in respect of benefit fraud not resulting in overpayment

        114.Amount of penalty

        115.Period for withdrawal of agreement to pay penalty

    Civil penalties

        116.Civil penalties for incorrect statements and failures to disclose information

    Loss of benefit

        117.Benefit offences: disqualifying and sanctionable benefits

        118.Benefit offences: period of sanction

        119.Benefit offences: sanctions for repeated benefit fraud

        120.Loss of tax credits


    Administration of tax credits

        122.Tax credit fraud: investigation

        123.Information-sharing for prevention etc of tax credit fraud

        124.Tax credit fraud: prosecution and penalties

        125.Unauthorised disclosure of information relating to tax credit offences

        126.Tax credits: transfer of functions etc

    Information-sharing: Secretary of State and HMRC

        127.Information-sharing between Secretary of State and HMRC

    Information-sharing: Secretary of State and DPP

        128.Information-sharing between Secretary of State and DPP

        129.Unlawful disclosure of information supplied under section 128

    Information-sharing involving local authorities etc

        130.Information-sharing in relation to provision of overnight care etc

        131.Information-sharing in relation to welfare services etc

        132.Unlawful disclosure of information supplied under section 131

        133.Sections 130 to 132: supplementary

    Information-sharing: miscellaneous

        134.Information-sharing for social security or employment purposes etc

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Part 6 Miscellaneous

    Tell Us Once

        135.Functions of registration service

    Child support maintenance

        136.Supporting maintenance agreements

        137.Collection of child support maintenance

        138.Indicative maintenance calculations

        139.Recovery of child support maintenance by deduction from benefit


        141.Review of fees regulations

        142.Exclusion from individual voluntary arrangements

    Reports on decision-making

        143.Standards of decision-making

    Employment and training

        144.Use of jobcentres by sex industry

    Child poverty

        145.Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission

        146.UK child poverty strategies

Collapse -

Part 7 Final


    148.Financial provision



    151.Short title

    Schedule 1

    Universal credit: supplementary regulation-making powers

    Schedule 2

    Universal credit: amendments

    Schedule 3

    Abolition of benefits: consequential amendments
    Expand +

    Schedule 4

    Housing credit element of state pension credit

    Schedule 5

    Universal credit and other working-age benefits

    Schedule 6

    Migration to universal credit

    Schedule 7

    Jobseeker’s allowance in interim period: consequential amendments

    Schedule 8

    Social fund discretionary payments: consequential amendments

    Schedule 9

    Personal independence payment: amendments

    Schedule 10

    Personal independence payment: transitional

    Schedule 11

    Power to require consideration of revision before appeal

    Schedule 12

    Supersession of decisions of former appellate bodies
    Expand +

    Schedule 13

    Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission
    Expand +

    Schedule 14