UK may need law against secret filming and photography after European Court ruling – James Michael

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A-photographer-with-a-cam-006Söderman v. Sweden - (application no. 5786/08) - Read judgment

The European Court of Human Rights has decided that it is a violation of the right to privacy if a country does not have a law prohibiting surreptitious photography of people. The ruling has serious implications for paparazzi, and would have been useful to Princess Diana.  A ready-made bill exists in the form of a draft published by the Law Commission for England and Wales in 1981.

On 12 November the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Sweden’s lack of a legal ban on invading personal privacy by surreptitious photographs violated the right to privacy. The case involved a camera hidden in the bathroom by the stepfather of a fourteen-year old girl. (Söderman v. Sweden,application no. 5786/08).

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It is utterly wrong that 407,000 non-UK nationals are receiving benefits. The fact that this has risen by more than 118,000 since 2008 is especially worrying and UKIP thinks that a fresh approach must be taken to tackle this soaring cost.

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Group of Christian Girl 
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bowed to pressure and agreed to use the new secular promise.
The Local Government 
Association has 
compiled a list of the 
more bizarre queries.


“The mess we inherited” – some facts with which to fight the Tory Big Lies

by kittysjones


Posted on 19 August 2013 By Alister Campbell
​​ I am indebted to Professor Vernon Bogdanor, who among other things was David Cameron’s tutor at Oxford, for drawing my attention to a recent report by the LSE Growth Commission. Anyone who looks at the mix of academics, business leaders, economists and banking experts on the Commission will be unable to dismiss them as Labour stooges.
Professor Bogdanor had read my recent blog suggesting Labour need to do more to rebut the Tory attack on the so-called ‘mess we inherited,’ and so thought I would be interested in the Growth Commission’s overwhelmingly positive view of the economic performance of the Labour government between 1997-2010 – and, in particular, between 2007-10. Indeed I am. Among its conclusions:
- British economic performance was strong throughout the period of Labour government, and GDP per head grew faster in the UK than in France, Germany, Italy or Japan.
- Productivity growth in terms of GDP per hour was second only to the US, and improvements in employment rates were better than in the US.
- This success, they say, was NOT due to an unsustainable bubble in finance, property or public spending. From 1997-2007, finance contributed around 0.4% to a 2.8% productivity growth.
- They also dispute the view that this was all due to Thatcherite reforms which were then accepted as a norm. Instead, they point to improvements delivered by Labour changes to competition policy, a major expansion in education – remember ‘education, education, education’ and – wait for it – immigration.
- On education, they pointed out that by 2007 the UK was spending more on education as a proportion of GDP than Germany and the US, and the percentage of the relevant age group going to university was higher than in France or Germany.
- Furthermore, they believe this had a positive impact in the fight to reduce crime and illegal immigration.
- Crucially, they make clear the crash was an international phenomenon which cannot be blamed on Labour policies, and that Labour did not leave Britain more vulnerable once the crash occurred.
- They say the structural element of the deficit was 1% of GDP in 2008 – it rose to 5% by 2010 because of the crisis in consequence of the fall in tax receipts. So the increase in the deficit was a consequence not a cause.
- They praise the Labour government’s counter-cyclical policies post crash, pointing out that these went some way towards limiting the fall in output, and say Labour ministers were right to recapitalise the banks and maintain demand.
- Where they are critical of Labour is in relation to skills, especially at the bottom end of the social and economic scale, and not doing enough to cut regional inequalities.
But overall the picture is a good one, and totally at odds with the dominant ‘mess we inherited’ narrative, uttered every time coalition ministers open their mouths.
And even if they do not say so explicitly, it is pretty clear the Commission believes that on the big choice of the last election – retrenchment under Labour, or austerity under the Tories – that GB/Darling were right, and DC/Osborne wrong.
This is all relevant to the current debate.
The only way to counter the Tory Big Lies is by fighting back with the truth, even if it means doing so belatedly, and at the risk of the Tories screeching ‘mess we inherited’ ever more loudly.
We see the same in their approach to the NHS. Another ‘mess we inherited,’ they say, to justify changes for which nobody voted and for which they have no mandate. What they actually inherited was an NHS with the highest satisfaction ratings in its history, which are now sliding as waiting lists grow, health workers are deliberately demoralised, and Jeremy Hunt talks up failure wherever he can find it to open the doors to a new system geared to those who see healthcare purely as a source of profit.
The same approach in education, where Michael Gove casts around for schools doing badly amid the thousands doing well, and deliberately distorts Blairite reforms aimed at helping those at the bottom of the educational pile to justify changes aimed at ushering in private providers at the expense of standards and enough school places. And in welfare, where the truth that the big bills are going on pensions for an ageing population is twisted to feed a hate agenda against the poor, the disabled, asylum seekers, all wrapped up as the ‘scroungers’ who in reality make up a tiny fraction of Iain Duncan Smith’s budget.
The Britain the coalition inherited after a decade of Labour in power was fairer, better off, with improved and improving public services, stronger cities wand regions, a vibrant culture. It was not a mess. The mess is happening now, with living standards falling, NHS crises returning, unprecedentedly low morale among teachers and police, power shifting back to a few at the top. Britain, far from booming, as the cheerleaders would have you believe, is recovering more slowly than had they followed the Brown-Darling approach that was beginning to deliver the jobs and growth we needed.
The Tories are planning to run the line that the country should not give back the keys to the people who crashed the car. The truth is the car ran a lot better under Labour, and can do so again.

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Thanks to Robert Livingstone for his masterpiece memes







Joint Response by DPAC and Black Triangle on Dr Phil Peverley’s Comments

by kittysjones
Dr Phil Peverley grossly misunderstands the horrific regime that the Government have set up for sick and disabled people. In order to qualify for benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)  demands that we submit evidence via "fitnotes" from our GPs. Initially this is on a monthly basis until "assessment" by Atos. This criterion of eligibility was established by the Government and not sick and disabled people.

Because of the fundamentally unfair nature of these controversial assessments, and the fact that they are simply a means by which the Government remove benefits that we are entitled to, many people are forced to appeal Atos and DWP decisions that remove their lifeline benefits and support. This process also requires further "objective" proof from doctors so that people can present their case and have a fair hearing. Many people win their Tribunal, which shows how very deeply "flawed" the "assessment" process is.

Every single question asked on the application form, and at "assessment" is designed to justify ending 7 out of 8 claims for ESA and passing people as “fit for work”, no matter how ill and disabled they may be. That is what Atos are contracted to do by the Government. This is not a genuine assessment, but rather, an opportunity for the DWP to take away the financial support that we are entitled to.

It was the Government that established the regime of constant assessment, reassessment and frank persecution of sick and disabled people, and because of the Government's OWN criteria for eligibility, through no fault of their own, sick and disabled people have to constantly provide "evidence" that they are sick and disabled, and unfit for work.

We know that at least 10,600 people have did within 6 weeks of being told by the DWP that they are "fit for work". see The ESA ‘Revolving Door’ Process, and its Correlation with a Significant Increase in Deaths amongst the Disabled.

Now the DWP is refusing to provide any further data on this subject. We need to as what it is they are hiding.

The following excellent post on the subject was reblogged from here

Joint Response by DPAC and Black Triangle on Dr Phil Peverley’s Comments

DPAC and Black Triangle condemn the misguided, insensitive and inflammatory comments of Dr Phil Peverley. We also want to condemn the pitch and severity of the pieces in the Mail and Telegraph (2nd August) framing Peverley’s comments, as a further outrageous abuse of the facts and issues affecting disabled people and those with diagnosed long term health issues.

Peverley’s words are an insult to all those that suffer the misery and anxiety of Atos within the regime designed to remove support from disabled people. His words are an insult to those that have died shortly after being declared ‘fit for work’ or before an appeal which found that, once again, Atos were wrong-something that happens with increasing regularly in a system that is chaotic and unworkable.
Those people may also have been within the so-called ‘proportion of punters’ that Peverley claims ‘are hell-bent on trying to prove they’re really ill, and need us [GPS] to confirm it’ or maybe they were some of the perceived ‘disgruntled unworking well’ who are ‘full of indignation at being considered reasonably healthy.’ The Department of Works and Pensions DWP own figures show deaths within 6 weeks of tests were at over 10,000The DWP are refusing to publish up –to date statistics, so we would guess that these figures have risen significantly.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of Black Triangle on the 28th June 2012 the British Medical Association (BMA) supported a call to demand that the WCA should be ended ‘with immediate effect and be replaced with a rigorous and safe system that does not cause unavoidable harm.’ Peverley on the other hand thinks Atos are doing a great job -despite new evidence everyday that they clearly are not, despite MPs, journalists, and the public accounts committee condemnation of their conduct and the multi-million Atos contract. (See Dr McCartney’s piece in the British Medical Journal and Black Triangles’ 2013 letter of support from Drs and MPS)
Remarkably, Peverley declared that he considered putting a picture of Stephen Hawkings in his surgery with the caption: ‘This bloke is not on the sick!’ The comparison of Hawkings to every single disabled person is beyond bizarre. This is a man with the funds to ensure a network of P.A. support, home adaptations and technical aids- something far out of the reach of the majority of disabled people –where even a basic level of support is becoming increasingly unlikely in the current slash and burn climate. Hawkings won’t miss his ILF payments if the appeal hearing against the DWP doesn’t produce the correct verdict. Hawkings won’t need to worry about local authority cuts or the tsunami of other cuts, caps, punitive costs, sanctions and penalties being imposed on disabled people and other low income people by this Government.
 In Sept 2012 the BMA also said that GPs workloads had massively increased due to the chaotic system of the WCA and increasing numbers of appeals. Peverley also says: ‘’These fitness-to-work assessments – under Atos, and under anyone who takes the role for that matter – generate a massive amount of work in general practice’ in his column in the Pulse. However, neither the Mail nor the Telegraph wanted to pick up on the increased workloads the Atos/WCA system is causing for GPs.  None wanted to mention that people can now be charged up to 200 pounds for GP reports, to support them in an assessment, or that GPs increasingly refuse to supply reports either.- a further hurdle for disabled people and those with debilitating long term health issues in the attempt to gain the support they need in the punitive assessment process.
 The Mail and Telegraph both carried the comments of Peverley. True- they’re both right wing newspapers and tools of Tory propaganda. Yet, the pitch and severity of both pieces in framing Peverley’s comments was a clear abuse of the facts and issues facing disabled people; as are Peverly’s inflammatory comments.
The Telegraph carried the headline: ‘A GP incensed at his surgeries being full of the “disgruntled unworking well” has said he considered displaying a poster of Professor Stephen Hawking along with the caption: “This bloke is not on the sick”’.
While the Mail went that bit further with the more loaded headline:  ‘THIS bloke is not on the sick! Angry GP cites Hawking to shame hordes of patients asking him to sign them off’.
Peverley’s original Pulse piece fits the welfare ‘reform’ agenda perfectly. An agenda that incorporates the right wing media and Governments constant demonising of disabled people as feckless/workshy/scroungers  - Peverley’s original rallying cry in the Pulse was that he did not want to sign ‘sick notes. The piece headlined: ‘Save me from the unworking well’ was posted on the 29th July. Neither the Mail nor the Telegraph showed the same eagerness to publish his jaunty column of 25thApril ‘A Curious Case of Missing Sick Notes’ which talks about the constant losing of sick notes by the DWP. But why would they?
Peverley has played into their hands, not only does he appear to support the discredited bio -psychosocial model, beloved of Aylward and Freud, that removes GPs and replaces them with private companies paid with huge amounts of public money- he has given them the final piece of the puzzle –privatise the sick note and remove it from any element of medical evidence. Let’s have 100% ‘fit to work’ even if a 100% drop dead in the process. Those that can afford it, like Hawkings can buy their own private ‘back-up plan’.
In the meantime Peverley has been reported to the GMC. Twitter @gmcuk
There is a facebook campaign group at…
Peverley is on twitter @PhilPeverley
His surgery address for letters is at the link below-please do not use the surgery telephone lines!
Dr Phil Peverley
Old Forge Surgery
Pallion Park
Sunderland, SR4 6QE
 To Protest against this and the other attacks on disabled people join DPAC’s 7 days of Action
 DPAC twitter: @dis_ppl_protest
Black Triangle twitter: @blacktriangle1
 - See more at:

It is taken from the Spitting Image spin-off book Thatcha! The Real Maggie Memoirs, published in 1993 – just one year after Smith was returned to unit – sorry, Parliament – as MP for Chingford
He first came to prominence as Shadow Social Security Secretary under William Hague in 1997. It cannot be beyond credibility that he had bought the Spitting Image book and had been taking notes… can it?
Look at the image. The form is described as “Form SCRO/UNG(e)/R” – and now benefit claimants are derided by the Conservative-led Coalition government as “scroungers”








The True Unemployment Figure is Far higher than successive Governments  state .Under Thatcher it was 3 million - we have lost the Coal Mines ,Fishing Industry ,Steel Works ,Ship Building ,Dockers ,reduced the workforce of all the Services and the Population has grown,more imigrants ,school leavers and retirement age increased - workfare and ESA claimants aren’t counted ,more small businesses have gone to the wall in the last 3 years - why have successive Governments been obsessed with the Unemployment figures ,is it to do  with our borrowing  capability or our how competent a Government  looks to the outside World .Well it looks like Britain has been living  a lie and failing for the last 30 years .Successive Governments Competence has hit rock bottom .A Total Failure they are just Robbing a Sinking Ship while they can









Richie Rich gets Richer

How can it be that the luxury industry is booming while across Europe there is austerity and benefits are being cut? The explanation is surprisingly simple. The rich of this world have become even richer since the economic crisis in 2009. Each year they’ve seen an average increase to their wealth of 6%. In some countries, this increase has been as much as 18%.

Who are these rich, how do they live, and how do they manage even in times of crisis to become richer? Many of the secret rich live in Manhattan, New York. Of the 1,000 billionaires in the world, 58 call this home. At the same time, one in seven Americans currently relies on food stamps and one in six has no health insurance. Wall Street is the heart of the financial industry, the largest stock exchange in the world. There the financial crisis started and from there it spread to the whole world. Several billion shares are traded there each day.

People used to be happy when you had made a two or three million dollar profit. Today we see large companies like Apple who record a six billion dollar profit and whose dealers are not even satisfied with that, because they were expecting seven billion in one quarter. That’s not even turnover, that is pure profit. How someone with a six billion dollar profit is not satisfied? The strong performance of financial markets recently has exacerbated the wealth divide. Whilst property value increases virtually by itself, people without property are becoming poorer.

People who don’t have money are not involved in the market. They’ve lost their jobs, prices have gone high, commodities went up, and the cost of living has gone up. Granted, if you don’t have any money, you have less money now. If you have money then you have a lot more money now.

Hedge fund manager, John Paulson, made a record five billion dollars there a year ago. One can only make such high profits by entering a high risk situation. It is mostly a risk at the expense of others. For example, in the case of Greece, you bet on the collapse of a country, attempting to make the largest gains. Many think this is morally reprehensible, but it makes no difference for the hedge fund managers because they want to make their profits. They are in position of kings. The money of the rich works for them too. They begin with the capital they have, and even if they only gain a small return it adds up to more and more.