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BROKEN BRITISH POLITICS – It will take approximately two minutes of your time but the difference it could make will last years .

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9. May, 2014


We are told that each and every Country hides their cupboard Skeletons when teaching their Nations History at School .We were taught we were an Empire and to be British and a member was an Honour .Conflicts were mentioned but on reflection they only occurred to maintain our stranglehold over whom we had supposedly ‘Conquered’ .Initially we started off in each Country we ‘Conquered ‘ as a Trading Post and only if and when that was threatened were troops deployed to quell any dissent and return trading to the Status Quo .As is of now 2014 the UK is controlled by Subjugation .


We were the first to construct and utilise a Concentration Camp in the Boar War in South Africa. Further back Trading Relations between China under the Qing Dynasty and the British Empire was conducted through the auspices of the British East India Company, which held a royal charter for trade with the Far East. The EIC gradually came to dominate Sino-European trade from its position in India . Low Chinese demand for European goods, and high European demand for Chinese goods, including tea, silk, and porcelain, forced European merchants to purchase these goods with silver, the only commodity the Chinese would accept. The biggest human migration took place in India  and we let 1000’s die unnecessarily .


The introduction of Opium into China was caused by Britain's need to send something back to China in return for their Highly consumed Chinese Tea. Because of its strong mass appeal and addictive nature, Opium was an effective solution to the British trade problem. An instant consumer market for the drug was secured by the Addiction of thousands of Chinese, and the flow of silver was reversed.


Similarly our Colony America was basically forced into Independence by our draconian attitude to the Economic Field there .We started by regulating American commerce and industry to suit British interests (by policy of Mercantilism) . English Navigation or Trade Acts required goods to be shipped to and from America, only in English ships. Many goods like Tobacco, Cotton, Sugar could be sold only in England, where they were Taxed . Colonists were prevented from settling in West America as these lands had been bought by the English Aristocracy . Americans objected to British taxation on consumer goods, particularly Tea that led to the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the Revolution .


It seems we the Public have no redress whatsoever .Instead of an Effective Opposition we have a Party that attacks nothing of Importance this Government does to the very Detriment of the Public. . We have in effect a Gravy Train Mentality in Politics today that does not want to disturb the Status Quo .Please sign the Petition for more accountability from MPS. If you sign you want to make changes if you do not things will get worse because they have been accepted . The Petition is slowly but surely gaining momentum be part of a change that is totally needed