3. Oct, 2013

Having purchased something online I must have inadvertanly checked a box or clicked on something because a day later £10 registration Fee was taken from my bank account by Shopperdisk.co.uk.Beware it is a scam

5. Aug, 2013


25. Jul, 2013


Anthony Morgan, 33, a hospital cleaner, contacted Wonga last summer when he found himself unable to pay back around £560, a sum that had ballooned from a smaller loan taken out to buy presents for his three children. Staff explained said they would begin a debt repayment scheme, allowing him to pay back gradually, but the next day he found £800 had been wrongly taken from his account, leaving him with no money for the rest of month.

25. Jul, 2013


Earn points by taking surveys, entering competitions, visiting websites and much more. Then, when you have enough points, you can exchange them for free gifts.


You would need an awful lot of points for a basic item it would be easier and quicker to Purchase.

Having replied to an AD for Points Shop for a toothbrush I was required to send £1-00p via my credit card ,the next day £49-00p was taken out of my account for me to become a ‘something member’ having not received the tooth brush after several emails my encounter with Points Shop cost me £50-00p for NOTHING