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24. May, 2017

Why AREN'T we keeping track!?

A SKY NEWS host put Amber Rudd on the spot over why the Manchester bomber, who killed 22 people and left 120 injured during Monday's attack, was not being closely monitored by security services.
24. May, 2017

Right-wing Tory sympathisers will inevitably react with synthetic outrage to this article because they believe that the Tories should never be held to account for their actions.

Just imagine if the boot was on the other foot and it was an appalling terrorist atrocity after a Labour government had spent seven years slashing the armed forces, police, emergency services, hospitals and border force.

Do you think these right-wing people would be spewing synthetic outrage at anyone who complained about the government making us less safe?

Of course not. They'd be leading the bloody charge.

The sight of palpably relieved Tories strutting around and making themselves look important in the wake of the Manchester Arena atrocity w...
24. May, 2017

Islamic State, like some psychopathic stalker, is obsessed with female propriety, says Jenny McCartney.

When the pictures of the dead came in, it was hard to take, even from a distance. There was Georgina…
24. May, 2017

Army descends on key sites across London.

24. May, 2017

Tories tribalists are extremely rattled that their poll lead is evaporating in England (and completely reversed in Wales) so they're getting absolutely desperate, and when Tories are desperate they fight dirty as hell.

A lot of Tory propaganda relies on triggering people's deepest emotional responses (fear, anger, hatred, outrage) and this latest sickening Tory propaganda tactic certainly does that.

Synthetic outrage is playing an ever more prominent role in right-wing political propaganda, and the latest displays of astoundingly hyp...