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23. Jun, 2017…/mayor-of-london-sadiq-khan-back…
Should the right to sta6 and live in the U.K. be granted for illegal.immigrants who survived the grenfell fire?

Sadiq Khan has backed calls for an amnesty on illegal immigrants who were living in Grenfell Tower at the time of the blaze. The Mayor of London told LBC radio station…|By London Evening Standard
23. Jun, 2017
Daily Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire says the Government is stumbling in the wrong direction, clueless and ideologically opposed to building a fairer Britain
23. Jun, 2017
Emma Dent Coad told how she'd seen toxic black mould and five children squeezed into one room in one of the richest boroughs in the country|By Mirror Politics
23. Jun, 2017

I know vapers have been going on about this as well but I guess I'm suprised with the fiscal state this state is in that banning menthol was a priority for it.

Legislation restricting the sale of all flavored tobacco including menthol cigarettes was approved unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors today.