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18. Aug, 2017
The Government has recovered all but five per cent, £58 billion, of the £1.2 trillion bailout provided to the banks during the credit crunch and recession, but it is…
18. Aug, 2017

Excellent news! CIA contractor-monsters James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen have had to settle a lawsuit launched by some of the victims they were responsible for victimizing under the CIA's post-9/11 torture campaign. This clearly came about because--finally!--a court stopped protecting the CIA's "national security." The CIA clearly thought about enough had been made public.

Mitchell and Jesson, professional psychologists, designed and oversaw the CIA's effort to induce "learned helplessness" through various kinds of abuse. They made at least USD$81 million for their efforts. They are disgusting pigs who should be stripped of their psychological qualifications. (Sorry, real pigs, I know that's horribly unfair.)

Godwin's Law be damned! In fact, these two knuckle-draggers were TESTING their "learned helplessness" theory, experimenting on human subjects. Sort of like Josef Mengele. (Photo in comments.)

As an attorney representing victims of torture, one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen is the sheer determination of survivors standing up and publicly confronting…
18. Aug, 2017

FBI Coup Plotters Escalate with the Race Card — Trump Being Set up for Riots and Assassination

FBI Coup Plotters Escalate with the Race Card — Trump Being Set up for Riots and Assassination Police block site of the...
18. Aug, 2017

So yet again we see no condemnation of terrorist by the IRA loving piece of filth Corbyn. Does he really think tweeting '' Terrible reports from Barcelona really cuts the mustard.

The Labour leader joined London Mayor Sadiq Khan in sending thoughts and prayers to victims|By Mirror Politics
18. Aug, 2017

I think you will agree with Nawaz on this!

LBC host Maajid Nawaz has admitted that the UK does have a problem white British-Pakistani males raping white girls He said: “Clearly she wasn’t prepared…