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10. Dec, 2017


The video shows a 26-year-old man shot five times while unarmed and crawling along a corridor.
10. Dec, 2017

LONDON — Theresa May's government has been accused of "turning a blind-eye" to soaring food bank usage in the UK after a freedom of information request revealed it does not collect data on how many people are using them.

The Scottish National Party branded the Conservative government "cruel and callous" after it learnt that the Department for Work and Pensions has not been collecting data on how many Brits have been using food banks.

"This is shameful from the DWP – the fact that they are simply turning a blind-eye to food bank use is very hard to take," the SNP MSP Clare Adamson said in a statement.

"But groups such as the Trussell Trust do collect data on food bank use, and the numbers are heart-breaking – with well over 1 million people relying on emergency food parcels last year, and even more this year."

The government does not collect data on how many people use food banks. SNP attacks "cruel and callous" Conservative government after FOI reveals the…
10. Dec, 2017

What if, there's more to history and human origins than we've been told?

According to many researchers and a lot of ancient astronaut theorists, in the distant past, before the dawn of civilization, our planet was visited by beings, not…
10. Dec, 2017

We've been wrong for a long time

10. Dec, 2017

A businessman close to the Labour Party has been accused of demanding a £2 million pound bribe from a property developer. According the the Sunday Times, the alleged bribe was supposed to be share amongst 4 Labour councillors in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Labour has been plunged into a corruption scandal after a businessman with close ties to the party was secretly recorded demanding a £2m bribe from property developers seeking to build one of...